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Filipino customers


1) Add the books you want to buy to the cart. You can use "search" to look for keys, events, story arcs or your favorite writer or penciler.

2) The prices of the books are in Danish Kroner, but you can use the currency converter to see the prices in Philippine Peso. Note that the final payment will be in Danish Kroner.

3) When you got all the books you want go to check out.

4) Write your informations and then go to shipping.

4) Choose shipment. We offer tracked shipment for 1 to 2 kilo (10-16 books). Shipping cost is around 10 dollars. Delivery time is 7-21 days depending on how fast the books go through customs in the Philippines.

5) Choose your choice of payment and pay. We accept credit cards and Paypal. If you have neither it is possible to pay via bank transfer to a bank account in the Philippines. If you choose this option please contact me first at for more information.

If you have any questions you can contact me at