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September 29th: New Arrivals at the webshop!
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Detective Comics 943-947b (2016-17)

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The Victim Syndicate #1-5

DC Rebirth Event

Variant Cover (947b)

1st cameo Victim Syndicate: First Victim, Madame Crow, Mister Noxious, Mudface, Mute (943)

Each character is a villain whose origin ties back to trauma individually caused by Batman (First Victim), Scarecrow (Madame Crow), Poison Ivy (Mister Noxious), Clayface (Mudface), Joker (Mute) (944)

Grade: vf to nm-

Cover: Jason Fabok (943), Brad Anderson (943-946), Álvaro Martinez (944-946), Raúl Fernández (944-946) & Rafael Albuquerque (947)

Writer: James Tynion IV

Penciler: Álvaro Martinez (943 & 947), Eddy Barrows (944 & 946), Al Barrionuevo (945), Carmen Carnero (945)